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A location-based community for you to discover, share, and connect with others around you. 

Merit is the cumulative total of times your posts or comments has been up-voted or down-voted. The more helpful you are, the higher your Merit will be.

Your Merit is visible to you in the side menu and to other user’s viewing your profile.

A channel is a group for you to connect with others about shared interests. Channels will be available in a future version of Circa. 

No, at the moment we cannot verify businesses. Once we can verify businesses, they will be able to share information from a verified business account.

  1. Open the home screen of Circa
  2. Tap your avatar in the top left-hand corner
  3. Tap “Find Someone” on the menu
  4. Search for a person by their name or username
    1. Open Settings on your iPhone
    2. Tap Circa
    3. Toggle the notifications button off


Future releases of Circa will allow you to customize what notifications you receive.

  1. Go to your Profile and tap “Sign out”
  2. Tap “Sign In”
  3. Enter your email
  4. Insert an incorrect password
  5. Tap “Forgot Password”
  6. Open your email an tap the link in the email you received.

Your profile and username will not be visible. After 30 days of inactivity you account will be deleted.

Contact us to request we delete your account.

  1. Ask questions and share your thoughts.
  2. Be kind to your neighbors.
  3. Do not spread misinformation or gossip.
  4. Assume good intent, try to hear others out.
  5. No harassment of any kind, respect other’s
  6. This is your community too, join the discussion.
  1. Tap the arrow in the top right hand corner of a post
  2. Tap “Report User”
  3. Select the reason why you are the person.

We strive to connect people genuinely. Being a startup, we learn as we go and have the best intentions to provide you with a safe online community. 

Safety steps we have taken:

  • You can report users, comments, or posts that are inappropriate.
  • We never display an exact location on posts.
  • You decide who can view your private/”Friends” posts.
  • Posts visible to users less than have 0.5 miles away, or less will see “<0.5 mi.” 

How can we improve? Submit your feedback here

No. Users only see the distance of the public posts you create if the location of the post is within the distance a user selects in the filter menu.

Only Circa users who are in the area and have their filter distance set to include your public post(s) will see your public posts.

Only Circa users who are in the area and have their filter distance set to include your public post(s) will see your public posts.

We use your location when the app is use in two ways:

  1. When you open up the Circa, the app takes your location to fill your home feed of posts; users have chosen to share with the public.
  2. Users see the location distance of the post you create. Any distance less than 0.5 miles is displayed as “<0.5 mi” to eliminate sharing the precise location of your post.

Only users who accept your friend request or you accept their friend request. The user’s location and filter distance also has to be set to include the location of your post.

Your privacy and information is our top priority. We use Google Cloud Services to store your data in a secure cloud location. Google employs multiple layers of security to protect data stored on their network. To learn more, visit Google Security

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