Now hiring community engagement interns.
Community engagement manager

Community engagement manager

Circa is a location-based community to help college students find find friends and things to do nearby. We are seeking help to engage with students on your campus: someone who can work with their peers, identify opportunities to activate their campus.

What you will be doing

  • Proactive support: sharing Circa among your network and around your campus
  • Reactive support: Meeting weekly to discuss goals and reflect on how to improve

This is a high-level overview, we can adjust the volume or scope at any time.

Key skills

  • Curious to learn more and solve problems
  • Ambitious to understand done is better than perfect. 
  • Disciplined to show up
  • Comfortable meeting new people and trying new experiences


This is a part-time internship position (approximately 8-15 hours/week). The schedule is flexible. We like to meet weekly, otherwise, you can distribute the rest of the work as you feel necessary. All of the team members respect the asynchronous style of communication.

Time zone

The team is 100% remote. Eli, who will be working with you most closely, is in the Central (CST) timezone. Many of the user’s are based in the US. So the ideal overlap is United States afternoon.


  • 100% remote
  • Fill your internship requirement
  • Opportunity to work in a startup environment
  • Receive a recommendation letter

How to apply

To get started, please fill out this application form. We’ll get back to you with the next steps.

Here’s what the hiring process looks like:

  1. Complete this application form.
  2. A short call or video interview with Eli.
  3. A decision & start date.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t feel like you match the description 100%. Many great people tend to undervalue their skills, so we don’t want to miss the chance of meeting you.
Hope to see you soon

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