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Join the movement towards local

Circa is a location-based app on a mission to open up the world around you. We want to give you a view of everything going on nearby to enable you to make informed decisions of what or where to go next.


Focusing on things within your reach

We are swapping out followers for new connections nearby. We want to unite and strengthen local communities. We limit your feed to 25 miles (40 km.), so nothing is out of reach.

We are ditching ads and complicated algorithms to focus on conversations with peers, new experiences, and a live feed where you control the feed. We want to provide opportunities to participate in your community, feel a sense of belonging while being respected.


What makes Circa different

1. Local over global

Our local community needs to move to the driver seat to strengthen our relationships with those within reach.

2. Less vanity, more community​

There is too much “look at me” content. We believe in an environment that supports your learning and growth.

3. Respect your privacy​

We believe in being transparent and careful when it comes to your data and who has access to it.

4. Pay it forward

We believe in the exchanges of ideas that lead to solutions.

5. Kindness never hurt anyone

We believe in being kind because we are all on the same team.

6. Your time is important

We believe in clear and easy to use design that reduce distractions and get you to where you want to go faster.


Our team

Daniel Davidson

Full Stack Developer

Based out of Phoenix, AZ. When not building Circa, Daniel works as a iOS developer for LinkedIn.

Eli Yazdi

Product Designer

Based out of Chicago, IL. When not moving pixels around for Circa, Eli works as a designer for small businesses and startups.

Nathenael Dereb

Full Stack Developer

Based out of Los Angeles, CA. When not building Circa, Nathenael works as a developer at Adobe. 

Drew Summers

Community Management Coordinator

Based out of San Marcos, TX. When not helping Circa, Drew is working on his degree in Public Administration at Texas State University. 

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